Honda Odyssey Japanese version gets makeover

Honda Odyssey Japanese version gets makeover

Honda Odyssey JDM
Honda has put up pictures and given a slight peak into the details of the upcoming generation of the Honda Odyssey on their website. The variant put up is essentially the one that will serve the Japanese Domestic Market, but it may not be the one that will make its way into the Middle-East.

In any case, the Odyssey stands taller, or at-least seems to be taller than the model it replaces. Obviously, it should amount to better interior volume space, but again, there’s no word on that.

Judging from the interior images, the Odyssey will offer three-row seating, but there may also be optional reclining chairs for the second row. They do tell us that the vehicle will be available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants, and power, although not confirmed, is expected to come from the same 2.4-litre that goes about in the other markets. Again, from the images we learn that the Odyssey will get blind-spot monitoring system and auto-braking systems.

The Honda Odyssey in the UAE and Middle-East is powered by a 3.5-litre V6, and received a slight update recently as the 2014 variant. So, we’re not expecting to get the Japanese variant in this region anytime soon, if ever.

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