2014 Toyota Yaris Sedan launched in the UAE

2014 Toyota Yaris Sedan launched in the UAE

2014 Toyota Yaris Sedan
Al Futtaim Motors has just launched the 2014 Toyota Yaris Sedan in the UAE. It gets a completely new exterior design, but under the hood the same engine choices have carried over from the previous generation Yaris Sedan.

The Thai-built Yaris receives two 4-cylinder engines to choose from. The base gets a 1.3-litre unit, where as the higher models gets a 1.5-litre engine. They both get a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The 1.3-litre is available in two packages – the S and SE, whereas the 1.5-litre gets a SE+ as well as a Sport option to choose from. New exterior colours have also been introduced.

Standard options in the Toyota Yaris Sedan include power steering, manual windows, fabric seats, manual A/C, radio with AM/FM/CD/AUX/USB support with 2 speakers, steel wheels and halogen lamps.

In addition to the above, the SE gets central locking, power windows and 4 speakers.

For the Sport, the Yaris Sedan gets a leather steering wheel, sportier seats, 15-inch alloy wheels, smoker metallic plating, different analogue dashboard meter, steering wheel control for audio and a body kit.

The SE+ get automatic air-conditioning, smart entry and push-button start system, 6 speakers for the audio entertainment system, steering wheel control for audio, 15-inch alloy wheels, projector headlights and better quality seats.

In terms of safety, the base Toyota Yaris Sedan gets a single airbag, whereas the higher models get front driver and passenger side airbags. All the models get ABS, Brake Assist(BA) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD).

Prices for the 2014 Toyota Yaris Sedan start at a competitive Dhs 48,500 for the 1.3-litre model, whereas the 1.5-litre model starts off at Dhs 53,500. The Toyota Yaris Sedan Sport is selling at Dhs 56,900. The full options SE+ model tops out at Dhs 57,900.

For detailed prices and specs, check the Toyota Yaris Sedan buyer guide.

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  1. Korean options kia cerato and hyundai elantra still looks better

  2. Where the photos man?

  3. @ravelo do your home work, yaris does not compete with the cars you mentioned.. Corolla does

  4. add cruise control gives more power

  5. @Ravelo You can compete Hyundai Accent not Elantra and Instead of KIA Cerato u should compete KIA Rio/Picanto.

  6. Better than before, the pricing is spot-on.
    Will take a straight swipe off the sales of Sentra & the korean brigade.
    Toyota took a very long cycle of 7 years for update of their bread & butter model.
    Anyways The reliable sales champ is back! & now good looking as well.

    • bread and butter model….thats corolla and land cruiser…never a yaris

    • I have never seen firms buying Land cruisers for their sales department with exception of some industries where it is essential.
      Corolla in its 1.6 guise is of course a fav with sales departments.

    • Oh please! The Korean brands come with better engines, better styling, better options, features like bluetooth, keyless entry are standard! Go premium and you get all the goodies. Go to UScar rankings and you will see that the yaris ranks at 33 where the Korean brands rank much higher, fir example the accent ranks at 13.
      Manual windows for 2014? Give me a break!!

  7. Why cant I see any photos?

  8. This came out of no where.. I thought new corolla was coming first?

  9. May not be in the same category but the pricing is quite same….and i agree kia rio still looks better than yaris

  10. Looks awesome , resale awesome ,interior has a premium , price wise it’s excellent , my dad has planned to buy the top end yaris which is for 57900dhs with 1.5L never the less Yaris is the best because it’s a Toyota although the market will be for the Se 1.3L which is also good 😀
    Who will buy it please comment 😉

  11. actually it looks lame and smells funny too ….

    I rather wait for the Turkish made corolla and then compare… thai-made cars have weird plastic smell to them

  12. Hi, just saw the top trim yaris in Kuwait, its costs more than top trim corolla!! Only a fool would buy one…it looks smart though…

  13. Better get the top trim 1.8 tiida, or corolla , cheaper and powerful

  14. Manual windows in 2013? where are these guys living? there are tons of better cars with better value..soon the resale value myth will be over !!

  15. pricing finally seems realistic and competitive enough.

  16. is it available in the show rooms?

  17. Looks longer than the previous Yaris.

  18. New Yaris 2014 Sedan price in Jeddah

    Basic Model = SR 45000
    Automatic = SR 47000
    Full Option = SR 55000

  19. what about NISAN TIIDA 1.8 TOP TRIM? cheaper and pwerful than yaris??

  20. This is a great car, I just test drove one a week back and loved it. IT doesnt feel cheap and numb on the inside as most entry lever Toyotas make you feel. Its a very solid, refined and dare I say fun to drive car. The KIA’s and Hyundai’s might offer all the gadgets and gizmos but there reliability and quality is still sub par compared to Toyota. Korean cars are not that good in the long run. This car will still last even after 5 years of ownership if you plan on keeping it. Whereas the korean cars will barely run for 4-5 years max and requiring you to do a lot more maintenance and resale is nothing for korean cars.

  21. yaris is good but the only problem is body is very weak or g.i sheet soft..

  22. Hello,
    i am from KSA,I am planning to buy a small sedan,
    my budget is around 50,000.00 AED/SAR
    can u please tell me which is the best sedan under this price.
    i am thinking between toyta yaris/hyundai accent/Nissan Sunny.
    Please advice.

  23. I love toyota

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