Ford F-Series top-selling vehicle of 2013 in US

Ford F-Series top-selling vehicle of 2013 in US

The Ford F-Series continues to perform strongly in the United States, coming in first place as the top-selling vehicle of 2013.

Ford sold 793,402 units of the F-Series in 2013. The Ford pickup has held top spot in the US as the best-selling vehicle for the last 32 years. Americans love their pickups and in second place was the Chevrolet Silverado, selling 480,414 units. In fifth place was the RAM pickup, selling 355,673 units.

The top-selling crossover in the US was the Honda CRV, selling 303,904 units and 8th overall in the list. The Ford Escape was in 10th place overall, selling 295,993 units in 2013.

Japanese brands continue to do well in the saloon category. The best-selling car of 2013 in the US was the Toyota Camry, which sold 408,484 units.

Top-ten selling cars of 2013 in US:

1. Ford F-Series
Units sold: 793,402

2. Chevrolet Silverado
Units sold: 480,414

3. Toyota Camry
Units sold: 408,484

4. Honda Accord
Units sold: 366,678

5. Ram Pickup
Units sold: 355,673

6. Honda Civic
Units sold: 336,180

7. Nissan Altima
Units sold: 320,373

8. Honda CR-V
Units sold: 303,904

9. Toyota Corolla
Units sold: 302,180

10. Ford Escape
Units sold: 295,993

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  1. It definitely is a nice vehicle. But honestly Mash, I don’t understand why it couldn’t score a 5 star NHTSA rating, despite of the sheer power+built and advanced techs. 🙁

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