Ford Focus 2015 facelift photos revealed

Ford Focus 2015 facelift photos revealed

2015 Ford Focus 2
The 2015 Ford Focus is getting a mid-life facelift, as seen in these supposedly-leaked photos of the hatchback and wagon.

Engine specs aren’t expected to change in our market, although it remains to be seen if a facelift is applied to the Focus St as well. Inside, a SYNC touchscreen with rear camera may become available here finally, aside from minor changes such as a USB port that charges phones twice as fast.

Expect the new model to come to the Middle East by early next year.

For UAE, KSA and other current GCC prices and specs, visit the Ford buyer guide.

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  1. IMO the new exterior face lift isn’t a drastic change nor is it better than the current Focus or St. What has definitely changed for the better is the interiors which looks more refined, classy, and stamps Focus as fully German built machine.

  2. @Mash the new Ford Expedition has been revealed. It looks like a facelift, but it has a new 3.5 Litre EcoBoost with an Intercooled Twin Turbo that Increases the power and fuel economy.

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