C-01 to be sold as Lotus’ first two-wheeled hyperbike

C-01 to be sold as Lotus’ first two-wheeled hyperbike

Lotus Motorcycle C-01
Before you get all excited about the C-01, we want you to know that the new Lotus motorcycle isn’t actually a full-blown Lotus. Instead it’s a joint venture between German racing firm Kodewa and the tuners from Holzer Group. But, yes, as the name indicates, they have been granted license to produce the motorcycles in the renowned sports car makers name.

The C-01 motorcycle clearly looks a determined sports bike or possibly even a drag bike, but at 181 kg it is clearly a bit bulky to be called the former. However, what totally puts this motorcycle back on the cool board is the fact that it will be powered by a 1.2-litre V-style, 2-cylinder engine that produces over 200 hp. Apart from that, the bikes chassis is made up of steel, titanium and carbon-fibre.

Available in classic black and gold or even British racing green, the C-01 will ride on 19-inch wheels upfront and 17-inch wheels on the back. In any case, the C-01 should make a really good collectors bike as only 100 will ever be made, and reportedly bookings are flowing in pretty quickly. Whether the two-wheeled Lotus will ever make it to UAE and other GCC countries is still unknown.

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