Nissan Murano 2015 redesign revealed

Nissan Murano 2015 redesign revealed

This here is the 2015 Nissan Murano, and it’s an original design success if there ever was one, in today’s world of clone crossovers.

Slightly lighter than before, it still features a 260 hp 3.5-litre V6 mated to a CVT automatic, with the choice of front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive, so its intended audience is obvious. With the upcoming Nissan X-Trail on the cards, the Murano moves even further upscale, with optional features such as LED headlights, a larger panoramic roof and active grille shutters for better fuel economy.

Debuting at the 2014 New York Auto Show soon, it will be built in the United States and should become available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other GCC countries by early next year.

What do you think?



  1. Profile looks like a curvaceous Evoque with longer rear overhangs…

  2. Too much going on. Fluidic sculpture by hyundai. Looks like a bigger juke

  3. what is the price?

  4. looks much better than the previous version – the current model was/ is one of the biggest nissan failures in recent years i always thought

  5. This looks much better than the current model, I like the look of the premium interior and its color too although it is not very practical as it will get dirty quickly but it is my favorite color, hope they price it well coz 2nd generation was big fail for being over priced, the first generation Murano was real hit as it combined unprecedented striking looks at that time with reasonable price

  6. Japanese evoque…thumps up exemplified

  7. At first glance >> “That’s a superbly moulded Mazda CX-9!”

  8. Finally…a smaller SUV from Nissan which can be truly ADMIRED. Their current models are absolute pathetic with the ridiculously revamped pathfinder, x-trail still sucks, current Murano looks like a rat. So this will be a biiiiig jump…Bring it on!!

  9. Frankly..I dint like…

  10. Nice car.
    The re-sale value of the Murano is the lowest in its class.

  11. I wanted to buy infinity qx70 but it comes with outdated communication system and no panoramic sunroof (I still wonder why they don’t have it)
    Then changed my mind to audi q5 (but the dealer has bad reputation)

    When I saw this completely new murano
    I decided that this is my next car

    Waiting this car to arrive to UAE is way more than waiting iphone 6 🙂

  12. I went for a test drive yesterday because they called me and said that the 2015 Murano is available at Diera showroom. It was a disappointment, completely different car and I showed them the pictures for this car and they said: no our car is the 2015. So so ugly. Only the front is similar to this car, nothing else.

  13. in the US it retails for $30k

  14. When is this getting launched in UAE ??

  15. When is it coming to the Middle East ? Anyone knows ??

  16. Al masaood implied that it only comes in Q4 this year, tailend i assume..

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