2016 Ford Focus RS fully revealed

2016 Ford Focus RS fully revealed


The 2016 Ford Focus RS has been revealed. This third-generation model gets a turbocharged engine with an all-wheel drive setup.

Ford have confirmed the turbocharged 2.3-litre 4-cylinder engine will produce “more than” 315 hp, with a 6,500 rpm redline. Power is delivered via a 6-speed manual transmission. Expect a lot of pops and crackles to feature in the engine soundtrack.

The exterior gets an aggressive look with its big air vents, rear wing, rear diffuser and two large exhaust pipes. It will be available only as a 5-door version.

The interior will feature Recaro sports seats, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, alloy pedals, 8-inch touchscreen and Ford’s Sync2 connectivity system.

Since this will be the first Focus RS to be officially sold outside Europe, it could arrive in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC markets.

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  1. Winner! I want one! Hope I have the financials to exchange my ST for it, if it comes down our shores

  2. Love the new RS! It could definitely be a perfect competition for the Golf R & Civic Type R.

  3. We need this car in the UAE. If there is a demand, they should supply it!
    I’ve heard from several Ford (Al Tayer) employees that they don’t think it will come here.
    Bad news!

  4. Ohh… I almost bought the ST 2015 yesterday! Good that I didn’t… I will wait for this one!!! 🙂

  5. Oh if this comes down to the UAE, I won’t even think twice!

  6. If this car doesn’t reach middle east its going to be very disappointing.. Its literally the best car ever, I hope they bring it here!!!

  7. If ever this beast will come to the shores of UAE, how much will it cost? (I hope I have the funds for this by then)

    This RS better than Golf R Mk7?

  8. Hi Guys, as you may have heard, the long awaited RS is now on sale in USA and UK. We need the DRIVE ARABIA team to find out the release date in the Middle East. Yet, Google search results show nothing related to this topic. I estimate the price of this beast to be around 120K to 145K AED. Regardless of the price, this car has to come, and we have to press that Drift button asap! 😉

    • There will be a release date when Ford Middle East announces a release date. Till then, nothing is confirmed.

  9. I just ordered one in the US. Expecting delivery around Dec. Drive out prove in US is around $48k. Dealers are charging a premium. I am bringing this car with me back to Dubai. #bargain of the decade

  10. Hey guys I’m with you all on this. I too am a avid for focus nut. My current model is the 2014 ST and I love it. So my next one has to be the RS. So please this goes out to the powers that be. Please give us fans what we want. The RS beast in the UAE.

  11. Aslam what are the import charges.

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