Hyundai Vision G Concept Coupe revealed

Hyundai Vision G Concept Coupe revealed

Hyundai Vision G Concept Coupe 1

Hyundai unveiled the Vision G Concept Coupe, a product the Korean brand describes as a glimpse into their future premium products.

The Vision G Concept Coupe’s front fascia gets a massive front-grille and a sweeping back headlight design. This is followed by a long front hood. The sports coupe look is complemented with the dual exhaust system and an integrated spoiler on the trunk.

The interior features premium leather seats, wood trim and gold accents. There is also a three-spoke steering wheel, digital displays and a premium Lexicon audio system.

The concept is powered by a 5.0-litre Tau V8 engine that produces about 420 bhp and 518 Nm of torque.

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  1. Isn’t the going to be the new genesis coupe?

  2. Jaguar??????????

  3. ok, so we have: body shaped like Bentley, Rear looks like Merc C Class (or Cadillac ATS) and the front shall we say….Jaguar XF?

  4. long gone are days of original concept designs. it is a hybrid of designs copied from other car manufacturers.

  5. Front and side looks like Mustang Rear looks like Merc C Class and the
    new invention is Interior different

  6. Front grill is looks like Datsun Go, Side profile looks like RR Wraith, Rear is exactly like a Jaguar XJ… Overall its a cocktail…. However looks good….

  7. Although its a mesh of cars as regards to the exterior it looks nice. The interior degisn is pretty upscale for hyundai better execution than what they did than the centennial.

  8. OK, so we’ve got a Mustang with the rear of a Lancia Thesis.

  9. This might be the first “Frankenstein” that looks so gooood!!!

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