ENOC/EPPCO stations in the UAE launch RFID based fueling for all customers

ENOC/EPPCO stations in the UAE launch RFID based fueling for all customers


Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has announced the extension of its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based fuel retailing system to all customers across its service stations network.

Known as ViP (Vehicle Identification Pass), it is a completely automated and paperless system without the need for cash, fuel cards or receipts. All vehicle owners have to do is drive into the service station, refuel with the help of an attendant and drive off.

Part of ENOC’s new unified ‘ENOCPay’ platform, ViP uses an innovative technology which consists of a securely encoded electronic security tag mounted near the fuel tanks. This allows the nozzle to automatically recognise the fuelling preferences individuals have set for their car, calculate the amount of fuel filled from the dispenser, and deduct the money automatically from the individual’s ViP account. This speeds up the refuelling process and enables customers to better manage their accounts and set budgets for each fuelling transaction.

The ViP system uses radio-frequency to log in the details of the purchase at a secured database at ENOC which calculates all parameters associated with the customer account.

All 112 stations from the ENOC/EPPCO network will have a one-stop shop in which customers can purchase the ViP smart ta and get it installed on the vehicle, all in one location. The ViP package will be sold at AED 250/unit just for the tag and registration. Customers can set up as many personal vehicles per account, thus enabling large families or individuals with multiple vehicles to better manage their fuel budgets. The documents required to register for ViP are: Emirates ID for residents or passport copies for visitors, and the vehicle registration card.

After every transaction, customers will receive an SMS and an email with the amount deducted and the remaining balance in their accounts. In addition, registered customers will have access to a dedicated portal where customers can log in to access their information in real time and manage fuel budgets, as well as top-up their accounts. Top-ups can also be made with cash or card at all c-stores in service stations.

Burhan Al Hashemi, Managing Director, ENOC Retail, said: “Since we launched ViP for corporate customers two years ago, over 75,000 commercial vehicles, including 8,000 taxis, were able to benefit from this technology. Over 3,000 of our commercial customers were able to save four to six per cent annually on their fuel expenses and reduce waiting time at the stations, thus increasing their operational efficiency.

ENOC expects to eventually launch the ‘ENOCPay’ mobile app, which will aggregate all current and future payment methods into a single interface. It is expected to be available on iOS and Android phones by Q4 2016.

‘ENOCPay’ platform offers a variety of cashless and cardless solutions. These solutions include the ViP system for corporate customers, which was launched in 2014, and ENOC’s mobile payment services through its partnership with Beam Wallet, a mobile wallet app in the UAE, as well as the UAE Ministry of Finance’s e-Dirham mobile application.

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  1. What is exactly the car owner benefits that can justify a 250 per badge price tag.

  2. Is that AED250 just the cost of the tag or does the tag come with a AED250 balance?

  3. Dhs 250 is just the price of tag, with zero balance in card.
    It is a ridiculous price. I would be happy to pay Dhs 50/- for it but nothing more as I am already spending for fuel.

  4. Sadly the premium of 250Dhs as “VIP” service will still make you wait the long queue. If they really want drivers to spend less time, it is already high time they enforce the longer nozzles which can be stretched over to the other side,irrespective which side is your fuel tank cover.

    • The longer hoses are available but not proper awareness is spread. Most of the time when i bypass the queue to the right sided dispensers, I ended up being stared by red faces (left siders) with an angry cry “how come i was not told”

    • Not all fuel stations have longer hoses. Only few have but again very few for ‘Super’ fuel.

    • Long hoses are ending in the guy not taking care of your painting or what is he doing, and you finally end-up with multiple scratches on your rear wings, trunk and spoiler.

  5. G’Day to ALL. Do you have an idea how we can save four to six per cent annually on fuel with this service? Do they mean that less time waiting in the queue along with the less fuel consumption during this stand-by will help to save our money?
    ENOC/EPPCO rather need to avoid to charge AED 2 for each credit/debit card transaction…
    However, being spent AED 350 monthly these 6% is an equivalent of ViP tag. Thus during first year it’s very easy to save 6% by avoiding ViP status )))

  6. I guess we are just heading towards electronic cash. Happy realization.

  7. With so much of automation just to avoid paper..

    .. but with the same attendants sweating it out in the sweltering heat, manually.

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