Nissan Patrol V6 "Y62" tested back in 2014

Nissan Patrol V6 “Y62” tested back in 2014


When the current Y62-generation of the Nissan Patrol had its world debut right here in the UAE back in 2010, there was speculation, even from dealer salesmen, that a V6 model will eventually be offered, slotting in under the two V8 offerings. Here is the first proof that this mythical V6 was actually on the cards.

This video was put up by a local Nissan Patrol Y62 fanclub, showing Nissan Middle East officials testing a V6 version of the Patrol. The vehicles in the video are of the 2014+ facelift variety. There’s no other information about the engine, but it’s likely either the 266 hp 4.0-litre V6 from the Pathfinder Classic or maybe even the 328 hp 3.7-litre V6 from the Infiniti QX70, tuned for offroad duty.


While this video was posted a couple of months ago, we believe it originated back in 2014 and scrubbed off the net when the V6 model never materialised. A version of the Infiniti engine would’ve effectively gone up against the existing 317 hp 5.6-litre V8 Patrol SE anyway, so maybe there wasn’t much point in downsizing if the fuel-economy difference wasn’t sizeable. A V6 offering would’ve satisfied the Land Cruiser set who think lesser cylinders mean better fuel economy (when it’s not always the case) and therefore would’ve convinced some Toyota owners to switch to the Patrol.

Also, the ancient Y61-generation Patrol Safari is finally being killed off in several markets this year, so this V6-powered Y62 would’ve been a slightly lower-priced entry-level model to replace that. For all we know, it might pop up again in the near future.

Update: The Nissan Patrol V6 is now on sale.

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  1. From what I understand, some markets like China where this V6 is planned to be introduced has incentives for 4ltr and below engines as against a V8 so this is in works. We might see it here in UAE to compete against the V6 LC then for sure..also gives some advantage for distinction against V8 and increases cost conscious buyers options..

  2. Is the GCC one of the markets that are going to see the end of the Patrol Safari?

    • Author

      Unknown, although it’s getting cancelled in Australia, and the GCC market won’t be enough to keep it alive.

  3. Oh I hope they introduce, my family has been planning to buy a Patrol for a long time but reluctant due to the V8 engine.
    V8 Basic is AED 179,000 right now, V6 will definitely be more cheaper.
    However the current basic lacks A LOT of features, imagine having to drive a patrol WITHOUT ANY parking sensors! 😛

  4. A v6 turbo might be a better choise when it’s the norm nowadays.

  5. V6 for LE or SE versions suits because of the lesser features in them. This will make the Platinum version stand out. V6 patrol will be like a Fortuner or Prado with more space.

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