2018 BMW 5-Series debuts with 2017 on-sale date

2018 BMW 5-Series debuts with 2017 on-sale date


The 5-series is one of BMW’s most popular models. Hot on the heels of the redesigned Mercedes-Benz E-Class comes the all-new 2017-2018 5-Series with a refreshed look and mechanicals, with a new range of powerplants to boot.

The design uses the current 5-series design as a stencil while borrowing liberally from its showroom-mates. The design is reminiscent of the latest 3-series in some areas like the headlamps that flow into the traditional kidney grill while bits of the new 7-series like the hockey stick styled air vent right above the side skirts can also be seen. The car is also designed to provide less drag and lift. Active aero devices called “air curtains” or “air breathers” are found all around the car. The new 5-series has also shed 62 kg of weight despite being bigger than the old model in all possible dimensions.


The engine range includes a set of inline four and six cylinder units. The inline-four 2.0-litre turbocharged unit will be featured in the 530i and the 3.0-litre turbocharged six can be found in the 540i. These new engines will be called BMW TwinPower Turbo and they will be mated to an 8-speed automatic. The navigation-assisted gear-shifting feature found in the Rolls-Royce and the 7-series has trickled down to the 5-series as well. The range will spawn high performance models like the M550i and hybrids like the 530e in the days to come. The xDrive all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-steer systems are optional.

The interior has been given a thorough makeover as well. BMW’s iDrive 6.0 infotainment system with gesture control, voice control and heads-up display from the 7-series has found its way into the new cabin. A 600W, 16 speaker, Harman Kardon sound system is offered as an option. The new seats house an optional massaging system.

The new 5-Series will go on sale in Europe by February 2017, and we expect it to hit UAE and GCC showrooms by next summer as a 2018 model.

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  1. The tail lights look a lot like Honda City from the pictures. Hope they look different in real life.

  2. Dynamite, I was thinking the exact same thing, but more with the whole car. It looks very Japanese, which is unfortunate. I think BMW is starting to lose touch with It’s brand.

  3. I need to wait until I see it by my eyes… but meanwhile I still think it’s hard for any car in this segment with the new E class in it.

  4. I came to write it looks like Honda city, I found many others already wrote the same, I dont know what happened with German cars, even the new E class, it has amazing interior, but the exterior, with the C and S looking the same, the other day I passed by an E class thinking it is C, then I noticed “very slight” difference in the front end so I went to the back and found it is E class indeed

    • I saw a C 63 AMG the other day and thought it’s a C200 with AMG kit, until my friend wanted to verify it by checking the badges. And I thought I knew cars.

  5. So you watch motortrend videos too.

  6. To me the 5 series looks wow…it is gradually evolving very nicely….unlike Mercedes, one can hardly tell if it is C, E or S class

  7. Wait a minute: no V8?!

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