lambo crushed taiwan

Illegally-imported Lamborghini Murcielago crushed in Taiwan (video)

lambo crushed taiwan

Taiwan has some very strict laws that govern the trade of importing cars into the country. A person who owned a Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 learned it the hard way. Taiwanese authorities decided that to send a message to the people, the best way was to destroy the illegally-imported Italian supercar publicly in front of cameras. When a YouTube channel, J.K Photography, uploaded the video, it sent not just the message, but much heartbreak as well.

The matte gray supercar was impounded three years ago when authorities found out that the owner had the license plates of a Ford Mondeo fitted on to it. Seems like he was trying to stay under the radar with his illegal import. This is not supposed to be an easy task when it’s a V12 Lambo that we’re talking about. When the long arm of law did reach him, he went into a 3-year long court battle which he lost. In the end, the government decided to wreck the supercar using a massive industrial machine.

The video broke the hearts of thousands of car lovers around the world. But if there are more illegal Lambos in Taiwan, we don’t mind having one sent over. Just reminding the Taiwanese authorities.

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  1. stuipid law.
    sell it and give it to charity.

  2. Yea and this is one of the reasons why Taiwan will never develop, because they are bunch of idiots running a country.

  3. Why not a Nissan Juke!!!

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