BMW 4-Series 2017 refresh revealed

BMW 4-Series 2017 refresh revealed

After spinning off from the sensible 3-Series sedan, the BMW 4-Series range of coupes has been around for a few years now. The whole 4-Series family, which includes the Coupe, Cabriolet, Gran Coupe and the M4, has been given a small refresh for 2017 but you need a BMW-fanboy eye to spot the changes.

New features include all-LED headlights and a pair of LED fog lamps. The rear lamps were also given a good treatment to make it look a bit different from the current design. Small changes to the air intakes and the rear apron are also made. Two new shades of paint, namely Sunset Orange and Snapper Rock Blue, are added to the brochure. The available trim levels include Advantage, Sports Line, Luxury and M-Sport, each with its own alloy wheel designs. In the interior, more chrome accents and a gloss-black centre console are added. More choices for trim bits and upholstery materials are also slipped in.

Speaking of choices, there are 31 different model and powertrain variants customers can choose from. The engine options start from the 184 hp motor in 420i to the 326 hp mill in the 440i. An array of diesel engines with outputs ranging from 150 hp to 313 hp are also available. BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system can be added to 12 models. The sporty M4 will be offered with 425 hp as standard and with 444 hp if you order the optional Competition Package. A reworked suspension to aid handling without compromising comfort is also a part of the update.

Expect the new models to show up at UAE, KSA and GCC dealerships soon.

Keep track of prices and specs in the BMW buyer guide.

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  1. I can’t understand how BMW can sell 50-70K cars which don’t have the reliability of a 15K Toyota Corolla?

    Ervin Raab

    • Do tell what components are prone to failure on the BMW? I gather you have experience owing to your confident statement above.

      Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. you shouldn’t even compare. Its like comparing G8 private jet to cessna.

    sure you will get more running cost with more sophisticated machines and that doesn’t mean it isn’t reliable, it just mean it’s in another level.

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