Tata prototype spotted disguised as Land Rover Discovery Sport

Tata prototype spotted disguised as Land Rover Discovery Sport

A prototype vehicle was spotted on the road of India, looking like a poorly-maintained Land Rover Discovery Sport, but in reality it’s said to be a future Tata vehicle in disguise.

Posted on The Automotive India forums, the so-called Discovery Sport has cheap wheels, a low-hanging exhaust tip, an exposed spare tyre and no badges.

Speculation suggests it could be the new Tata compact premium 4×4 that was announced as being co-developed by Land Rover, the latter also owned by Tata. The model is intended for India and is unlikely to be sold in the Middle East anytime soon, even while Tata has a minor presence in the UAE and other GCC countries.

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  1. I really hope Tata don’t mix up both brands and spoil the LR brand. A TATA with LR underpinnings will be okay, but an LR with TATA underpinnings…hope they never do it.

  2. It looks like the Tata Hexa model, inspired by Range Rover and Jaguar for the Indian region.
    Flying bird told me they have already got a distributor for UAE and may roll it out here soon.
    Top range model is selling for INR 21 lacs in Maharashtra, features are very fascinating.

  3. 1 billion in population and cannot bring out a designer???? TATA should rather assign DC as their designer than copy a LR. Sounds like the Chinese – copy’s.

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