Mercedes-Benz launches special edition Actros truck in UAE

Mercedes-Benz launches special edition Actros truck in UAE

Mercedes-Benz Trucks MENA, together with Emirates Motor Company (EMC), its authorised distributor in Abu Dhabi, have launched a special edition Actros truck in the UAE, in celebration of the model’s 20th anniversary. The media launch event at Endurance City included a live demonstration of the Actros 3844 S 6×4 tractor-head model.

Powered by a 6-cylinder engine (Euro 3) making 435 hp and 2,100 Nm of torque, the heavy-duty truck delivers power to the two driven rear axles via a twin-plate clutch and a 16-speed Mercedes PowerShift automated gearbox. Mercedes PowerShift provides specific driving modes based on traffic situations.

The truck’s FleetBoard telematics system provides vehicle tracking, trip recording and professional fleet management, as well as continuous analysis and rating of driver and vehicle performance.

Further specifications include the powerful engine & transmission cooling system, air intake on the upper side of the cab and a tandem air cleaner. The Actros 20 Years Edition also features a performance-optimised hydraulic retarder, an additional braking system that improves braking performance with no wear of brakes and brake linings.

Other features include the standard electronically controlled Telligent braking system with Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Acceleration skid control (ASR), optional Active Brake Assist that operates with three radar beams which constantly scan an area of 1 to 200 meters ahead of the truck and giving alerts or brakes automatically, and Bluetooth.

The Actros 20 Years Edition features further safety systems, such as a Driver Airbag, a Telligent Proximity Control and Telligent Lane Assistant. Telligent Proximity Control automatically adjusts the speed of the truck according to the traffic situation, constantly analysing the distance of vehicles driving in front of it. Additionally, if a sudden obstacle appears, such as a vehicle changing lanes, the driver is warned both visually and audibly. The Telligent Lane Assistant features a digital camera behind the screen, detecting the vehicle position in relation to the left-hand and right-hand lane markings. When activated, the system helps the driver to stay in lane by giving audible warning signals when accidentally leaving the traffic lane. The additional front mirror increases the visible area in front of the truck, helping to recognize pedestrians or obstacles quickly.

The L-Cab is fully painted in a carbon black metallic colour enhanced with dynamic silver stripes with the 20 Years Actros emblem. The design is complemented by chromed air-horns on top of the cab and an LED-illuminated Mercedes-Benz star on the front.

All features of the Actros 20 Years Edition are available from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks factory in Germany, and can be ordered through the authorised Mercedes-Benz Truck distributors across the GCC region. Professional driver training is offered by Mercedes-Benz and its General Distributors to instruct fleet managers and drivers on how to operate the truck and its features focusing on maximum safety and efficiency.

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