So we got a 2017 Ford Edge Sport

So we got a 2017 Ford Edge Sport

The Ford Edge Sport has been around since late last year, as the top dog in the redesigned Edge line-up. While we did drive the regular Edge Titanium in Jordan in 2016, the Sport is an entirely different beast.

That beastliness comes from the turbocharged motor under the hood, but external visual cues hint at that performance potential with massive 21-inch alloys, blacked-out trim and body-coloured cladding.

Inside, it’s largely standard Edge, except it’s optioned up to the hilt with premium-grade safety features.

The new Ford Edge is a vast improvement over the previous one, and we got to compare them directly since our offroad monkey Vivek Menon’s family happens to own one. Both cars were part of an advertorial feature we did earlier. As for the actual Ford Edge Sport road test, it’s coming soon.

What do you think?



  1. Edge sport is good but it seems too overpriced…

    • “You can’t buy champagne with beer money” 🙂 The technology features in the Edge Sport such as the SYNC system cannot be found in any other competitor in its class. It isn’t cheap for sure, but you get what you pay for. Once you compare specs vs. other competitors in its class the Edge is far more superior.

    • I own a fully loaded ford (not edge) with 180k+ kms on clock, so very well aware of what ford offers, no doubt ford cars are fully loaded with features but still it cannot be considered as champagne as you can get more or less same thing with a luxury badge in that price range, e.g lincoln mkx, mkc or may be few germans as well

  2. Hi Mashfique

    I am a big car enthusiast living in Dubai and I would love to collaborate with you and do reviews for your website along with my dad. Can I know how to contact you??

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