2018 BMW 6-Series GT revealed

2018 BMW 6-Series GT revealed

After the BMW 5-Series GT, the German luxury car manufacturer has reiterated the GT concept by adding it to the 6 Series range. The termination of the 6-Series Coupe has liberated a bit of room to accommodate the new addition. BMW hopes that the swooping coupe-ish lines of the 6 Series will revive the sales of the GT.

The new 6-Series Gran Turismo will be offered only in 640i xDrive trim, which sports a 3.0-litre biturbo 6-cylinder engine with 335 hp. The engine is paired to an 8-speed Steptronic Automatic Transmission with paddle shifters. This combo will propel the 6-Series GT from 0-100 kph in just a whisker over 5 seconds.  At the rear, the 6-Series GT gets air suspension as standard while opting for the Dynamic Handling Package will add the same at the front. This allows the ride height to be adjusted.

For the exterior, BMW hasn’t created any massive surprises. The heavily raked A-pillars and the swooping rear adds up to a silhouette that fits right in the 6-Series range without losing any bit of the GT character. The business side of the GT, the rear, is also heavily worked on. Now the GT looks less bulky from the back, as opposed to the chunky 5-Series GT. The rear hatch is an electrically actuated unit which can be operated hands-free by moving a leg under the rear bumper. The new roofline is less swoopy than the one on the 6-Series Gran Coupe hence it liberates a lot of headroom at the back. The cargo space has been improved as well. With the rear seats folded down, the GT offers 1840 liters of space at the back to shove all the stuff into.

The 6-Series GT comes standard with all the fancy BMW gizmos, including the Active Driving Assistant which uses cameras, radars and other systems to feed data into a list of safety systems like blind spot detection, lane departure warning, collision warning, and cross-traffic alert. The Optional Driving Assistant Plus package adds active responses for systems like auto-braking, active cruise control and lane keeping assist.

The BMW 6-series Gran Turismo could arrive in the UAE and other GCC markets sometime next year.

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  1. It just looks like … nothing.

    OMG, what’s happening to BMW’s design ?! for many years now, they are doing ugly and bulky cars, with no taste, no style !

    ^ series is supposed to be a coupe, stylish and sporty, yet elegant. It’s now just a tasteless hippopotamus, with this stupid Grand Coupe concept (supposed to male the car look like a coupe while being a sedan, but they just missed it since the initial released with the 4 series if I’m correct and therefore should take lessons of design in Stuttgart, where it all began) and this even more stupid GT !

    This is the car too much.

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