2018 Toyota Prado leaked again

2018 Toyota Prado leaked again

These images of 2018 Toyota Prado facelift look like the real deal, after renderings were leaked earlier.

Found on Instagram account @hamad1two3, it is entirely possible that these are real, considering Toyota has actually used photoshopped images of past models to promote facelifted versions of the current Toyota Land Cruiser.

These photos could have come from presentations at one of those secret consumer clinics that are held by carmakers to gauge public reaction to models before they are released.

The second facelift of the 7-year-old current-gen Prado looks like it is getting a more-attractive new front-end, barely-redone tail lights, new wheels and a completely new dashboard with an updated infotainment system, just like the recently-facelifted current Land Cruiser.

The 2018 Prado is expected to debut by the end of this summer, and it should hit UAE, KSA and other GCC showroom by the end of the year.

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  1. I love it….

  2. very bad al futaim

  3. Pathfinder makes more sense

  4. I remember the last time the Prado 2010 catalog was leaked, there was so much excitement. Now its all ‘bleh’

  5. Call it whatever you want…they still sell by the thousands. After all with the bullet proof reliability and go anywhere pedigree you’d be hard pressed not to ignore this beast. I’ve had a Prado in the past and it was the best amongst all the vehicles that I’ve owned. This facelift only makes it looks a little better!

  6. end of evolution for this model should have used fortuner as a base and bring into style rather than go after baby land cruiser fase..fortuner does the same thing at half the price! i am waiting for it to come in used have an eye for the mettalic blue one looks stunning…and offroading in fortuner is amazing! lock the rear diff and yaalla habibi off road!

  7. personally hate all suv’s due to such huge step in hights… with older parents and small kids its a mess! sedan for me personally are the final frontier …handle comfort control speed stability! no suv on planet can give you same feeling ..due to higher center of gravity and top heavy bodies! suvs have become monstors!

  8. Just for some advice to prado drivers … move from left lane …. stop braking for no obvious reasons for God sake, … dont take turns fast as you may get tipped to the side or rollover, …. and finally …. use the turning signals, it won’t bite your fingers

  9. Toyota is living on the history. No new technology. design is very ugly. safety is not good. most of there car have rolling problem.

  10. Prado need to be badly updated. Esp very bad electronics.We are in 2017 still use 2010 tec… after paying 150K ? give me a brake.

  11. No doubt about prado. Hope in 2018 model will have feature of what other cars are having(technology).and front panel re designed fully with alternative option of having Stepney tyre location which is blocking some portion of rear view.

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