Toyota Aurion ends production for good

Toyota Aurion ends production for good

After only two generations in 11 years, the Toyota Aurion has ended production in Australia, which likely means the death of the nameplate in the UAE and GCC too.

As Toyota winds down their manufacturing operations in Australia this year, the Aurion is the first to go, ending production ealier in August. Its platform-mate, the Camry, will be the next to go in the coming months.

More than 180,000 were built apparently, making the Aurion somewhat low-volume for a mass-market car as Toyota never figured out what it wanted to be. It was simply a reskinned V6 version of the 4-cylinder Camry, with different front and rear ends. Ironically, the Aurion body style was sold as a Camry in China. The next-generation Camry is likely to be sourced from the United States for the GCC.

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  1. thank god. now hoping futtaim brings v6 xse camry 2018 in all ots glorry amd options!!! please

  2. Good riddence wont be missed looked stupid drove meicore … slow gear box .. were its hilighta …. cant wait for 2018 camry xse v6!!

  3. I owned the 2014 Aurion SE briefly and loved it. It handled well and looked good especially in the SE trim. But I’m sure it won’t be missed…

  4. this was toyota lamest car… glad they off loaded it..

  5. it was quicker than my dodge v6 8speed 🙁

  6. Aurion gone for good…

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