Mahindra XUV500 now in UAE as 2018 petrol model

Mahindra XUV500 now in UAE as 2018 petrol model

The Indian-built Mahindra XUV500 quietly went on sale at Galadari Automobiles in the UAE this month. Billed as a 2018 model, it is actually a 2017, but offered with a petrol engine for the first time.

The 7-seater SUV is currently being advertised in a local newspaper with a 140 hp 2.2-litre petrol engine and a 6-speed automatic, with features such as 6 airbags, a 7-inch infotainment system and cruise control. It is priced at Dhs 74,900. No other information is available, and the phone number listed on the ad is invalid (Update: The dealer call-centre is now operational).

The actual 2018 Mahindra XUV500 is getting a facelift, its second one since the diesel-only model was first launched in late 2011. It is due to be launched in India next month.

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  2. slowest SUV… need more power to prevail in this market… this will soon disappear from Dubai market.

  3. Woooww… Super… I was waiting for this… This is an Indian car in an international attire…!!!

    • and an international copied attire. Only guys like you who drive TATA will buy this and block out lane with slow speed and confused driving..

      • @joshua Hamilton
        That’s a pretty Racist comment. Believe me Am not an Indian, I am only commenting because of your attitude.
        At least the Mahindra guys made this car and brought it to an international market. It might be little pricey, its an opinion.

        What have you done in life so far?
        Someone is writing your pay cheque and every morning when you wake up, you hope EMPLOYER doest sack you.
        Be respectful and you will be respected. (You are not superior to anyone but let me assure you the Owner of Mahindra is) 🙂
        Nothing personal mate.

  4. AED 75K for this?….. really?

    Mazda CX-5 2017 models are being sold at AED 70K (clearance models), renault SUV is for AED 78K, Hyundai and KIA cross over are also around the same range…. good luck trying to sell this in this fiercely competitive market.

    my guess is a few die hard indians flag waving folks will purchase it (expecting angry defensive posts)… i can’t see anyone (expats or locals) else buying this thing at this price…

  5. This product was launched in 2011 in India.considering the number of international auto players here i dont think it will set the sales chart of fire. Mahindra scorpio is sold here and ive seen very rarely one or two scorpios.Whether this vehicle will sell or not wait and see….

  6. Couple of observations here; 1. This vehicle has been sold in India for quite some time and I am sure if a dealer is selling the vehicle here there will be more information available then this. it is a different story whether the site wants to take the effort to put that in. 2. All who have made racist and funny comments please remember Kia appeared in the market years back and people looked down on it, as everyone knows the story is not same, although it in not in the big league but it could be because they do not look at positioning a product there. 3. Even a Yaris is able to do a 100 – 120 Kmph and I am aware that this can too, slow blocking traffic by becoming slow moving does not make sense4. derogating someone shows your shallow and racist approach. The manufacturer is making an attempt and just see it (the particular vehicle) as a new entrant to this market just like any other

    • Author

      The petrol engine is all-new. There is no information on this since it isn’t offered in India yet. The only specs sheets we found had the diesel specs wrongly listed under a “petrol” heading. Features offered in India is irrelevant here, as even the Toyota Fortuner is offered with different equipment in India.

    • “Kia appeared in the market years back and people looked down on it, as everyone knows the story is not same, ”

      RE: Err… no KIA knew what it was doing,

      KIA never priced it’s cars to the level of established players…if you price your cars wrong you will never do well. Now this vehicle is price the same as a base level Mazda or Hyundai Tucson, or even Suzuki Vitra so no body will buy it. Then the dealer at year end has to off load it stocks at year end with massive discounts. Thus signalling the buyers that this car is just a discount car and nothing else…

      if they wanted to sell a unknown brand they should have done a aggressive price strategy like Renault Duster did, where it now enjoys moderate success in this market and lastly get basic details right telephone numbers, specifications etc correctly.

  7. If this car is priced around 50k, trust me on this company around GCC will snatch this vehicle for their employees. Employees had to drive regardless of their likeness or the effect it has on their High-Class social status. Who knows maybe Mahindra is targetting companies rather than individuals.

  8. Would buy if it had 30 bhp more … #indian flagbearer :((

  9. To all who have commented on the XUV 500 post, please know that the Mahindra is a well known brand in India, Australia, South Africa and XUV 500 has been sold in a very competitive price over there. Yes we cant compare a xuv 500 with Land cruiser or prado, However it;s good in its own specifications and better than many of the cars sold here in this market.
    Please study well before u make some easy loose comments just for the sake of making it.

    • @ Shiva

      ****However it;s good in its own specifications and better than many of the cars sold here in this market***

      RE: interesting comment, can you give an example?

  10. To be Agreed – Pricing is on higher side, also have advantages of heavy built with safety features, for GCC markets this is + point.
    Having owned Diesel XUV500 for 3 years and clocked 27k in India, I can surely say this is a good SUV for highways. though petrol variant is a new and shows 140 HP on paper..! mmm… wont sound that good for city traffic.
    to be backed by good service here.

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