Arabia Taxi adds 50 Toyota Prius cabs to Dubai fleet

Arabia Taxi adds 50 Toyota Prius cabs to Dubai fleet

In a joint effort to support the UAE Vision 2021’s environmental targets, Al-Futtaim Toyota announced the handover of first 50 Prius Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) to Arabia Taxi, member of Arabia Holdings Group of companies and one of the UAE’s largest taxi operators, marking the latter as the first fleet operator in the UAE to use a Prius in its ranks.

The handover ceremony was attended by H.E Eng. Omar Ahmed Bin Omair, General Director of Ajman Public Transport Corporation, Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Toyota, PSM Habibulla Khan, Chairman and Managing Director of Arabia Holdings, as well as senior representatives from both companies.

Commenting on the handover, Abbasi said: “It is estimated that each of our Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles saves around 7.65 tons of CO2 based on 850,000 km of operation, the approximate “shelf life” of a taxi car in the UAE. Arabia Taxi shares mutual environmental objectives with Al-Futtaim Toyota to make the UAE a greener place.”

There are already a handful of Prius police cars in use by Dubai Police as well.

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  1. Before handing over hybrid cars, that are making sense only with appropriate driving style, the taxi corporations should teach the taxi drivers how to DRIVE and use their gearboxes: basically, anticipation and depth of view. The driving style of 99% of the taxi drivers is so short term oriented, that this is what needs to be done 1st.

    Car accelerating like crazy while there’s a red light 100 meters away, flooring the gas btwn speed humps, and, for the most, not using cruise control.

  2. Most ugly car toyota prius be it taxi or private…. ugliest car infact around ….

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