Sony Vision-S electric car testing on Tokyo streets

Sony Vision-S electric car testing on Tokyo streets

Back in January, Sony showcased an electric sedan concept named Vision-S. Nobody expected the Vision-S to make it into production back then especially as Sony themselves denied having intentions to become a car manufacturer. But the latest news from Tokyo is proving otherwise. Sony has started testing the Vision-S sedan on public roads, indicating the possibility of the tech giant’s electric sedan finally making it into production.

The public testing of the Vision-S was announced by Sony themselves via Youtube. This shows that the electric sedan is more than just an exhibition of the tech Sony can provide other carmakers, which they claimed it to be, back in January. The Vision-S, when launched, will be a tech-heavy take on the already-nerdy EV car formula. The car has 33 sensors in and around the car to aid its autonomous driving and other capabilities. The interior has a bunch of colossal screens lining the entire dashboard. We are not sure the complete list of cutting-edge technologies the Vision-S will hold when it launches. But, going by Sony’s standards, it is not going to be a short list, that’s for sure.

Peel away the tech layer, and the Vision-S is a handsome car. Sony needs to be applauded for choosing a sedan for its pilot machine and not resorting to churning out yet another mundane EV crossover. The propulsion unit of the Vision-S is a pair of electric motors making a combined output of 268 hp. This powers the sedan from 0 to 100 kph in 4.8 seconds and onwards to a top speed of 240 kph.

With the new Vision-S EV, Sony will be yet another manufacturer that steps into the rapidly-swelling EV segment. But, with their experience in the tech arena, Sony can bring more impressive technology to the road, potentially outsmarting other EV brands currently revered as the tech pioneers in the segment.

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