Sony Vision-S Concept shows any tech company could build an electric car

Sony Vision-S Concept shows any tech company could build an electric car

Sony has always been a familiar brand for all of us. Be it the Walkman, Bravia TVs, Playstations, (former) Vaio laptops or their mobile phones, most of us have had a taste of what the tech giant is capable of at some point in their life. But, as the automotive industry is growing towards a certain electric future, the car is turning into more of a gadget than a mechanical powerhouse. The Japanese company has taken notice of this shift and revealed the Sony Vision-S Concept Car at this year’s CES tech show earlier this month.

Sony’s Vision-S Concept takes the shape of a sleek EV sedan rather than the mundane-yet-popular crossover body style. As expected, the Vision-S is more of a gadget than a car with 33 sensors around the car to detect people and objects inside and outside the car. The sedan has been created with help from big tech names like Nvidia, Continental, Bosch, ZF and Qualcomm. Sony did take some automotive help from Magna Steyr — a German firm that manufactures outsourced cars like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Toyota Supra, BMW Z4 and other on behalf of their respective manufacturers — to build the platform for the Vision-S Concept.

Inside the Vision-S, it’s a proper tech-fest. Screens take up the entire dashboard and centre console. There are speakers embedded into the seats which help to deliver a 360 Reality Audio experience to the passengers. The cameras on either side of the car feed visuals into the screens on the extreme ends of the dashboard. There are 4 individual seats and a massive panoramic sunroof.

Powering the Vision-S concept are a pair of electric motors delivering 268 hp. This helps the Sony Vision S to rush from 0 to 100 kph in a swift 4.8 seconds and onto a decent top speed of 240 kph.

Though the idea of a tech-laden car from Sony sounds exciting, the chances of the Vision-S making it into production are very less. Sony themselves have said that their intention is not to become a car manufacturer. Instead, the Vision-S is being showcased as “Sony’s contribution to the evolution of cars.”

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  1. Sony building a car? ?
    That’s great news.
    The car shows promising figures but will it attain them?

    Body wise the car looks great, has a wide body but on looks, rear side it seems like a Porsche because of the sleek taillights.

    The front side has a different but kind of a boring look I must say, the elongated front bumper for instance.

    The dashboard has a classy look and quite impressive as shown in the photo they’re aren’t much buttons and everything is in the front display (quite impressive).

    I guess instead of the 4 seats there should have been 5 seats in for more capacity, as it promises be a family car.

    In the end, I would say the car has its pros and cons but for a electronic company to take such a huge step, hats off SONY. ?

  2. I am interested and would like to buy 2 vehicles of this kind

  3. Can’t wait inshallah for Sony’s new car

  4. excited to see a sony with wheels

  5. Except that it looks like the car will be built by MAGNA/CONTINENTAL/BOSCH who have everything needed to build a car including Magna, who built cars for BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar (i-Pace) and many more.
    So Sony might provide design, electronics, software.
    I would not bet anything that they have the chops and stamina to succeed.

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