2021 Fisker Ocean brings back a near-dead electric-car brand

2021 Fisker Ocean brings back a near-dead electric-car brand

Fisker was once a brand that showed the potential to be a trendsetter for electric cars, yet it vanished from the arena, bankrupt. The Fisker Karma was even sold here, and within a year, it was taken off showroom floors, and former owners suggest that remaining stock was used for spare parts. But getting their hands burnt in the EV segment has not seemed to repel Fisker from giving it another shot. Henrik Fisker had tweeted the first teaser of a new electric crossover more than a year ago and now, after a slew of speculations, it is here. The 2021 Fisker Ocean crossover arrives, hoping to put the brand on the EV map once again.

The Fisker Ocean is similar in size to the Chevy Equinox. The design of the Ocean is not extremely futuristic like the Tesla Model X or the Cybertruck. Instead, it chooses to wear a relatively more conservative cloak like the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The front is adorned by sleek headlamps and no grill. The crossover rides on 20-inch wheels as standard or an optional set of 22-inchers. A unique addition to the vehicle is the roof-mounted solar panel, which can give about 1600 kms of extra range annually.

Powering the Ocean will be a set of motors connected to an 80-kWh battery. This combo can churn out more than 300 hp, which can power the model from 0 to 100 kph in just over 3 seconds. It also returns a healthy range of 480 km. All-wheel-drive will be available for all variants except the base model. Fisker also says that there will be an ultra-high-performance model soon but the details of that are not out yet.

The interior of the Fisker Ocean is simplistic and well laid out. A large 16-inch touchscreen sits at the middle of the dashboard and another small 9.8-inch screen sits right behind the steering wheel. There are two wireless chargers and a heads up display as well. The HUD can display the lyrics of the song being played if the driver feels like singing along while reining the Ocean. Five haptic buttons for the home screen, fan speed, temperature, and audio sit on the lower side of the center console and wouldn’t look out of place inside a space ship imagined by an 8-year old. A “California Mode” opens almost all windows of the Fisker Ocean to create an airy cabin. The materials used inside the cabin of the Ocean are claimed to be recycled, sustainable and “vegan-friendly,” similar to the Fisker Karma we drove back in the day.

The price of the 2021 Fisker Ocean in the United States starts from US$ 37,500 (Dhs 138,000), which is decent. International plans for Fisker are not announced yet but the Ocean is expected to be delivered to the customers in the U.S. by 2022. It is unlikely to come back to the UAE, after the local dealer shut down their entire specialty-cars operation.

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  1. it is better than gasoline cars cause it save environment and cheep power

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