First GCC-spec Fisker Karma delivered in UAE just as production paused

First GCC-spec Fisker Karma delivered in UAE just as production paused

The exclusive dealer for Fisker in the GCC has just announced that the first Fisker Karmas have been delivered to customers in the UAE, while the news from Fisker at the factory is that production has been halted for now.

Fisker Automotive does not make their own batteries, but rather, A123 Systems does. The battery supplier went bankrupt last month, which means no more new batteries for new Karma models. So what Fisker chose to do is stockpile all the batteries they already have for use as possible spare parts, rather than put them in new cars. It’s a good move from a customer-service point of view, although if you want to order a car now in some odd colour, they probably won’t have one for you. However, Fisker says they do have enough cars already to last for the first few months of 2013.

The news comes right after Fisker lost 300 cars due to Hurricane Sandy in the United States, all of which were apparently insured.

But the latest news is that Chinese auto-parts manufacturer Wanxiang Group has won the bidding for A123’s assets. The money raised will not be sufficient to cover all of A123’s indebtedness to its creditors, so all A123’s current investors will get screwed. But when the new A123 emerges, Fisker Karma production should resume eventually.

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  1. Smarter to stick with regular petrol engined cars I’d say.

  2. where is the show room that have the fisker karma car in abu dhabi i want the location and the number because i want to see my future car

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