Huawei makes automotive debut with 550 hp Seres F5

Huawei makes automotive debut with 550 hp Seres F5

With EVs becoming more popular, many car manufacturers are quickly morphing into tech companies. This makes it the perfect era for tech companies to turn the tables and make cars. Some, including Sony, have already reserved a seat on this train. The latest to add to this list is Huawei, entering the auto market with the Seres F5, a hybrid crossover. But there is a catch.

If the Seres F5 rings some bells, that’s because the car has been around for two years, being built by the automotive company Seres that has its roots in the United States and China. Huawei’s iteration is an updated version of the F5 crossover. Huawei says that they have helped Seres in the development of the vehicle, including the powertrain. But the involvement of Huawei is most evident in the tech department, obviously.

A large tablet sits inside the Seres F5 for the infotainment system which is hooked up to 11 speakers. The crossover also gets a vehicle-to-vehicle charging function that can also be used to power other appliances.

The crossover is powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine paired with two electric motors, together churning out a massive 550 hp. This can make the Seres F5 a proper sleeper, catching other cars off-guard with a 0–100 kph time of just 4.7 seconds, a complete diversion from its sedate crossover design.

Huawei’s entry into the automotive market is no tech revolution but as a formidable player in its field, we can expect them to make a solid attempt at dominating a new segment. For now, the Seres F5 is only available in China and shows no signs of going global.

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