OMODA’s Semi-Annual Sales Figures hits over 70,000 units

OMODA has announced its export sales figures for June, with a total of 14,047 units exported. The cumulative export sales for the first half of 2023 have reached 70,821 vehicles, putting them on track to achieve their annual target of 200,000 overseas sales.

As a global automotive brand, OMODA has gained recognition and popularity among consumers worldwide due to its futuristic and stylish exterior design, technologically advanced product features, five-star safety standards, and its deep understanding of the self-experience mindset pursued by the new generation.

To date, OMODA has entered the market in 10 countries globally, gradually implementing a strategic global market layout. In late June and early July, OMODA took a series of brand and product actions in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. In Spain, OMODA’s first batch of vehicles officially arrived, marking the first step towards entering the EU market. In Australia, OMODA sponsored the well-known Gold Coast Marathon, and during the first week of July, OMODA’s presence was seen among the marathon participants on Queensland’s Gold Coast. In Malaysia, OMODA was officially launched on July 6th, making it the second Southeast Asian market after Indonesia and further expanding OMODA’s presence in the Southeast Asian market.

In the Middle East, OMODA is currently launched in Kuwait and Qatar and will be launched in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In the United Arab Emirates, OMODA proposes the concept of Future-Fashion and integrates the metaverse into the automotive industry. According to the latest information disclosed by OMODA UAE information. OMODA is developing a digital human and a virtual showroom called O-UNIVERSE, which will provide users in the UAE with a brand-new car-buying experience.

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