Nissan awards high-mileage Patrols

Nissan awards high-mileage Patrols

83 patrol 

Arabian Automobiles, Nissan dealers for Dubai et al, held a campaign recently to find Nissan Patrols with the highest mileage around here. The results were surprising and disturbing at the same time.

There were 3 age categories and 750 entries. The winner in the first category, Ali Abdullah Al Dhanhani, owns a 2002 Patrol with 313,379 km on the clock. Saeed Ali Saeed Ali Saeed Hamed topped the second category with his 1996 Patrol and 655,903 km. The winner of the third category, Ali Seif Khamis Al Darmaki, has a 1983 Patrol with a mind-blowing 1,341,151 km. Do odometers even go beyond 1 million?

Good job running that old car. Considering I own 80s cars too, I know how strong they run yet how problematic they can become with age.

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