Video Of The Week: Saudi

You might’ve come across “Arab drifting” videos before. Rowdy youth in Saudi Arabia started this trend, spinning their Toyotas in multiple 360s on public streets full of traffic and bystanders. The trick is simply to do 180 kph in a bouncy car and start yanking the steering wheel left and right with a dab of the handbrake, while loading down your car with four of your dumbest buddies to keep the car from flipping over. You have to wonder how they practice this nonsense. And what happens when things go wrong.

What do you think?



  1. ERHABE!
    i m from saudi arabia,,,i hav seen saudis doing this LIVE, they are perfect at it and i can chalenge no one in the world can do like their FREE STYLE drifting….its not a joke to spin the steer wheel at 180 km/h or more! something extra is required;)…..

  2. well this is so bad doing like this because their is no trust on machinery and if any thing happen series it will take a few seconds to take u out of this world to another world.SO GUYS BE CAREFUL BECAUSE MY BROTHER DIED IN THIS AND NOT ONLY THAT THINK THAT HOW IMPORTANT U ARE FOR UR FAMILY AND PARENTS.LIKE FOR US WE ARE SUFFERING NOW ALOT BECAUSE OF HIM.SO THINK BROTHERS THAT AFTER U WHAT WILL HAPPENED TO UR PARENTS/PLZZZ DONT DO THIS BECAUSE IT IS NOT FUN IT IS GAME OF DEATH.

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