So we got a Lexus LS 460

So we got a Lexus LS 460


We’ve acquired a 2007 Lexus LS 460 L to cruise the weekend. Unlike the previous deadweight LS, this one has the ability to have electronic nannies turned off completely to allow more play value with its increased power.

We are driving this just as the LS was voted as World Car of the Year by international journalists. But enough of that. Have you ever seen a fullsize Lexus do a 360? We have. You will too, if you keep your eye on our video channel in the coming months.

What do you think?



  1. 😯 nice one!

  2. dang, hope you post a full review. and please please hurry up with the video, always wanted to see the ls460 go sideways :mrgreen:

  3. what the heck! do u guys just do the 360 or do something worthwhile at all?

  4. Author

    We picked up the car, did the 360 and returned the car all in 5 minutes. What did you think?

  5. how is doing a 360 in a ls460 NOT worthwhile???? its part of the review!!!! maybe you could do a 460 in the 460 instead of the 360.. ok i will shut up.

  6. 🙁 too expensive i’ll go for the S-class

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