2008 Lexus LX 570 unveiled at NY

2008 Lexus LX 570 unveiled at NY


Lexus introduced its redesigned LX 570 full-size luxury 4WD at the 2007 New York Auto Show. The new LX is the most obvious indication of how the 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser will look like.


The new 5.7-litre V8 has 381 hp, with a sequential shift six speed automatic and now has a hill descent control system built in. There’s also an electro-hydraulic suspension system that reduces body roll by 30 percent in cornering, adjusts height to reduce drag on the highway, and drops it by two inches to ease ingress and egress. A pair of blind spot cameras mounted behind the grille and a third on the underside of the passenger side mirror provide blind-spot vision when manoeuvering in tight spaces.


Inside, the LX cabin is modern, civilized and characteristically quiet. It will also be equipped with an array of luxury amenities including four-zone independent climate control complete with numerous air vents, a power-sliding second-row seat with a 40/20/40 split, a power third-row seat, navigation with Bluetooth® capability, a nine-speaker premium audio system, XM Satellite Radio with XM NavTraffic, a real time traffic information service that provides driver alerts regarding accidents, road closings and traffic, front seat power bottom cushion extenders, and much more.

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  1. It looks like a zoomed version of new RAV 4.But the specs are quite impressive.

  2. shape is weird! esp the back lights, the front bumper should hav been a bit low as to maintain the image of a luxurious suv interior is more american oriented style, a sudden glance of it gives an image of Infinity the best lexus LX remains the 2005 model….

  3. this time lexus shapeless plus landcruicer
    l will buy europe cars
    this time japanese like china car

  4. u will like this shap later 😆 soon u had 2 look 4 it in street and any special shap u can=t excpet it first

    soon ill thinkin u
    nice and i name it —the king of trucks–so u can depend on :mrgreen:

  5. bad shape i hate it… guys i m right?

  6. i think its good car just the back lights

  7. Its shape is like toyota fortuner i think lexus company have lost their designers because ls 460 looks like camry and this one like fortuner .This is the worst shape.

  8. bad v bad shape…look like chinese car…. 😳

  9. what to say…..it luks like grandma from the back….5.7 v8 is impressive…….alloys luks cheap….i guess lexus seeked Ssangyong to design the SUV…

  10. The thing is flawless. The luxury is understated. Also- people really overlook the curves on Lexus tail light guards of this new cars, which you can’t fully appreciate just by looking at pictures.

    There has to be a reason why the previous LX was called the most desirable full-size luxury SUV- understated luxury while being capable off-road, perhaps, since that model was Land Cruiser-based (more than I can say about the Escalade and Navigator, which are mere status-icons for soccer moms and rappers and the like). This LX 570 will be successful.

  11. disagree Vent..
    it’s more to the soapbox shape of Honda MR-V or worse HR-V..

  12. for future chine car will be better than toyota

  13. the head lamps nd the tail lamps remind of chinese ppl!! Sad shape…lets c which kinda ppl buy it..

  14. The LX-570 will no doubt be an amazing vehicle. So sad about the new, near Highlander style. Landcruiser will be the same. Breaks my heart that they went away from the bold look like my 97 LX-450. The best looking in its history.

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