So we got a new Honda Civic finally

So we got a new Honda Civic finally


For almost a year, we begged for a test drive of the 2006 Civic from local Honda reps. Heck, these cars were never even in stock at local dealerships. So we never drove one, even though we got tons of requests for it to be reviewed. Well, my own car just got temporarily incapacitated, so I figured I’ll go rent out a Civic for a week.

I skipped the bigger agencies due to their stupidly high prices and stupidly short working hours, having experienced the Optra 1.6 for Dhs 143 per day. So I did rounds of the smaller agencies and finally found one that wasn’t pathetic enough to ask for my passport as collateral. Never give your passport to rental agencies. Got a good deal, scoring a 2007 Civic LXi at Dhs 110 per day for a week, with only 1200 km on the clock. Heck yeah!

What do you think?



  1. cool, cant wait for the full review. heard the refresh rate on the digital speedo is not very good? is the car slow with the manual tranny?
    p.s do these smaller rental car companies charge an extra fee if ur between 21-25 yrs old?

  2. Author

    My rental is an automatic. The car isn’t too slow, but you have to floor it to get any juice out of the engine. The digital speedo has a slight lag, but it just skips numbers when speed changes quickly. Some rental agencies might just refuse to give you a car if you are UNDER 25, but only if they notice your age on your passport copy. I am 25, so I had no issues.

  3. coolllllllll….. at last.. looks like a good car….just a car that has revolutionized the car market


  4. Honda had mentioned that this new 1.8 gives the power of a 2.0 L engine n the fuel efficiency of a 1.5 L. Is it true?

    Any way the body styling is good.

    waiting for the review.

  5. Author

    I guess Honda is right. It has the power of a weak 2.0-litre and the fuel efficiency of an outdated 1.5-litre.

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