2008 Kia Picanto gets a new face

2008 Kia Picanto gets a new face

2008 kia picanto

The 2008 Kia Picanto will get a major facelift, although the body essentially remains the same. Engine options for Kia’s smallest car remain similar as before.

Not that anyone cares.

2008 kia picanto

What do you think?



  1. it stanning! wanna have it this year as my first car,the price its worth it!

  2. Its a nice car for purpose
    whats the price in QATAR

  3. pls ill like to know the max travelling distance. ill like to buy the 2008 model b4 the year runs out

  4. so ppl DO buy this car 😉

  5. Please inform me concerning the KIA Picanto price model 2008 manual gear.

    Best Regards

  6. voww….excellent face…truevalue for money..nice seating and cool space inside…:)

  7. yea in reality, it only the top of the line picanto that looks good. real good. with the chrome add-ons and black bezel in the headlamps like u see in the above pic.

  8. i need a new kia picanto car what is the price in abudhabi

  9. starts at 25 or 26k AED i think. it will be the same all over UAE.

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