Roush modifies Ford F-150 Nitemare

Roush modifies Ford F-150 Nitemare

Ford F-150 Nitemare Roush

Ford tuner Roush is releasing a 100-truck limited run of the Nitemare, a supercharged F-150 4×2 Styleside that pumps out 450 hp from a modified 5.4-litre V8.

All F-150 Nitemares are finished in black, with matte black accents, a billet grille, and a chin spoiler. An optional rear wing and hood scoop can be added as well. Its lowered stance comes courtesy of a Roush sport suspension that provides a two-inch drop. Inside, a number of details like new seats, special badging and a Roush gauge package tell occupants that they’re not in any sort of garden-variety F-150.

Pricing for the Nitemare starts at US$ 41,750, and are special-order deals through Ford dealers in USA. One would have to pay Middle East Ford dealers crazy amounts of money to make them import one of these pointless rear-wheel-drive trucks.

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  1. for $41,750,i’ll get the chrysler 300 SRT-8. 😯

  2. sorry man maybe te chrysler is better, but you are having a 450Hp monster , and a great body kit, i think my Gf will like sitting in this hehe

  3. :mrgreen: 😐 😈 😯 🙂 😕 😎 👿 😀 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 😡 🙁

  4. this ruck is a beast dodges have a bad rear end problem as well astransmition. this truck is a ford but it is design by roush racing co. so the inside is redisng. for other word thinabout this the truck will be worth more money afte ten years then a fing dodge.

  5. :mrgreen: AWESOME TRUCK!!!!!!!

  6. 😈 this truck is bad ass

  7. heck yeah ill take the roush anyday rather than that f-ing chrysler 300 its not all itz worked up to be!!! the chrysler 300 is a knock off of the bentley they stole the design so thats why i hate chrysler 300……..

  8. this is a bad ass looking truck not as bad ass as the lighting but its up there

  9. i soooo want this truck anyone wanna wanna give it to m e as a gift LOL

  10. this is a bad ass truck and the christler 300 are a piece of shit this truck with the right mods will own any truck put agenst it. this is one pussy getting truck

  11. This truck is awesome i agree not the same as the lightning but still really good compared to shitty Fiat dodge and a chrysler 300 is a really big rip off this truck is awesome worth the money!

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