New BMW X5 gets optional sport kit

New BMW X5 gets optional sport kit

2008 bmw x5 sports kit

The all-new 2007 BMW X5 will be offered with an optional sports kit that includes all-round skirts, 19-inch or 20-inch wheels and sports seats, among other items.

2008 bmw x5 sports kit

Looks great on the road, but offroad capabilities remain limited.

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  1. looking good
    for same money I will go for new cayene S

    Have you seen that the new Touareg 3.6 is same price as the basic new cayene but without the leveling suspension
    this must be a joke

  2. Author

    Haven’t checked prices for the new Touareg, but it doesn’t sound right really. The base Touareg used to go for around Dhs 150k, while the base Cayenne used to start at 190k in Dubai. Have to check.

  3. the cayenne s is more than 230k AED
    how much is the bmw x5 4.8is?

  4. new X5 4.8is is around 280-290 000 if not mistaken

    any idea how much will be new x5 3.0 engine

    It is 272bhp

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