So we got a BMW 335i Coupe

So we got a BMW 335i Coupe

2007 bmw 335i coupe

We picked up this BMW 335i Coupe for our latest test, after BMW was the only company to grant our request for an extended 4-day test on this weekend slot. They even home-delivered it, which no one else does. And we have to say, this thing is seriously cool. Flame surfacing may have ruined the looks of other Bimmers, but it works perfectly on this one.

We’ve also started to get the hang of the oft-insulted iDrive, as we settle into a long test session. We seriously got pissed when a PR guy from another car company said “24 hours is enough to test a car.” Well, they can shove it, because today’s high-tech in-car nonsense cannot be learned in 1 or 2 days. iDrive is somewhat annoying, but not as much if the time is taken to learn it. So far, we’ve got the Bluetooth phone to work, as well as partially figured out the stereo. The navigation is going to be a handful. And the voice-command feature refuses to recognise our fake American accents. The car itself drives beautifully.

What do you think?



  1. she is beeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaautifulllll . who cars about idrive, the roads change everyday in dubai. hell i dont need a stereo either 😀
    please hurry with the review and include lots of pics and VIDEOS :mrgreen:

  2. Looks a beautyyy…. hmmm

    something in the shape….looks a beautyy.. cant wait to get my hands on it

  3. GO DRIVE ARABIA~……great job man! you got a reputation now,,,BIMMERS are being home delivered to you!coooooool………cars looking toooooooo coool……waiting for its road test.

  4. is this priced around 240K ?

  5. a handsome car 🙂

  6. 240k?? nah id say more like 160k.. pls do mention the price too in the review 😎

  7. i stand corrected, its more in the region of 200k

  8. check again but I am telling you the stealers here sell this for more than 240K

  9. maybe a king on the road but still hate its dull look…

  10. DROVE THE SPEEDSTERRR….yeah, look wise, feel its not that amazin….the drive, just nuthin so much special as compared to the other models of BMW…..inner looks are sporty.. but not bad to get your hands onto…yo

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