Oman will get back on its feet

Oman will get back on its feet

oman gonu cyclone damage cars

As the world knows by now, Oman and Iran has suffered greatly from the onslaught of Cyclone Gonu. Lives were lost and homes were destroyed. It never did reach our base in Dubai, though it probably could’ve washed away the nonsense littering our beaches, also known as The Palm Islands, with a little more force. Anyway, knowing that Oman and Iran have suffered worse disasters than this before, we are sure they will get back on their feet in no time at all.

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  1. it’s been some sort of disaster….natural though…but definetly…the govt. are doin all it can to bring life back to normal…cars were all washed so easily…ooooffff thank god we didnt see all tht in DUBAI

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