Aussie Toyota Aurion gets TRD upgrade

Aussie Toyota Aurion gets TRD upgrade

2008 toyota aurion trd

Anyone living in the Middle East has access to a pretty good set of satellite channels collectively known as MBC. But it seems that they’ve been unhealthily obssessed with MTV’s Pimp My Ride, so much so that they made an Arabic version and constantly bombard audiences with very annoying TV ads featuring modded cars. It seems Toyota has caught the bug too, and decided to release this heavily pimped Aurion for the Australian home market. That’s right. The Aurion is Australian.

2008 toyota aurion trd

The car has been in development for two years by TRD Australia, Toyota’s tuning arm, and the work continues. The process involves slapping on an Aussie-developed Eaton supercharger onto the Toyota 3.5-litre V6 for a theoretical power figure of a whopping 320 hp. We just hope all this juice isn’t fed through the front wheels to make this car a torque-steering mess, but there is no info of any all-wheel-drive system being developed.

2008 toyota aurion trd

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  2. dont knw when these toyota people develop rear wheel drive cars…… 😡

  3. Of course this car won’t come here. Toyota is happy selling Land Cruisers, Corollas and Camrys here.

  4. man the normal 268hp is fast ebough its amzing i would lov 2 buy it 4 ma first car enshala

  5. hey bro’s how u doing i hope very one is good well why this car will not come here i have a Toyota aurion the normal one and i am looking for the body kit and the same stuff with TRD but am not getting do u have any idea where i can find it, and yeah if it come 2 UAE how mach it will be ?? by Dhs

  6. Author

    The kit is not sold separately as far as I know. The car is sold as a whole in Australia.

  7. where can i get the Aurion sport body kit? in the UAE

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