Exotic Honda Civic Mugen RR in Japan

Exotic Honda Civic Mugen RR in Japan

honda civic mugen rr

Japanese consumers now have access to the hottest Honda Civic Type R yet. The standard R sedan gets modified by Honda-owned Mugen, resulting in the Honda Civic Mugen RR. The Mugen RR sheds an additional 10 kg off the standard Civic Type R’s weight, coming in at 1242 kg. In addition to the weight loss, the free-breathing Mugen RR picks up 15 horsepower over the regular Type R.

honda civic mugen rr

It is rated at 240 hp at 8000 rpm and 217 Nm at 7000 rpm. Seeing the low torque figure at that high rpm, the car is obviously useless in city driving.

Complementing the added power and and decreased weight are a new bodykit, upgraded brakes all around, a retuned suspension, new wheels and tyres, and logo-emblazoned Recaro sport buckets. Availability is limited to 300 cars, all in the Milan Red finish shown, and the pricing in Japan has been set at ¥4,777,500, or US$ 38,750.

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  1. Needless to say that the Mugen RR comes with an array of special features and parts, amongst others: new air intake, dual exhaust system, specially produced RE070 RR Bridgestone tires and Honda bumper, light weight wheels, new suspension, sport brakes, recaro seats and an weight reduction. Power increases by 15hp to 240hp and weight diminishes by a good 10kg, it is priced at 4,777,500 yen.

  2. when is it coming to middle east;i am anxious to dive it 😆 😆

  3. Author

    Never. It’s only for Japan.

  4. great peace , from the back you feel that you riding a GT
    and from close top the Rx-8 nice car and nice 240Hp

  5. twin exhausts..dats a first for a civic
    looks killer though! 😈

  6. can we import it?????????

  7. when is it gona cone to dubai???

  8. Author


  9. hm…me likey! This is a very unique car, indeed! good price too! but the production number dissapoints me….. 😡

  10. Guy’s anyone knows where to buy a sport exhaust manifold for civic in uae?can mail the answer @ [email protected]

  11. why this car cannot come in Dubai if mitsubishi evolution can come here, why not civic mugen.. f*** dubai… i really hate this place.. i really love this civic m ready to pay 200K on the spot if it wud be in dubai

  12. I’m very much interested on the type -R wing spoiler, can you give me some help how can i get one of that,i’ll tried looking for that piece here in dubai as well as in sharjah and abu dhabi but can’t find one,hope you can help me.even i needed to import that spoiler no problem with that as long i can have one …thanks

  13. I will be the 1st owner in the UAE

  14. hey guys i will import the car from japan i deal for it with honda dealer in UAE i will get it with in 3month and the price is 110,000DHS

  15. why can’t the civic type-R come in the U.S. when the integra Type R did???

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