Friday is worst day for a test drive

Friday is worst day for a test drive

car boxed in

Friday is the worst day of the week for a test drive. Sure, we take cars for the weekend, but no real testing gets done on a Friday evening due to the beautiful traffic in our always-under-construction city.

The scene in the picture happens every Friday in the paid parking lot where I live. We have our Chevy Tahoe and Toyota RAV-4 testers parked at this very lot. Imagine having to manoeuvre large 4WDs through this mess, since free Friday parking means a free-for-all mashup. I count 3 Land Cruisers in the photo, blocking that poor woman. And check out the Dubai Taxi doing its part as usual.

The proper ettiquete for the surrounding retards in this case would be to leave their mobile numbers on the windshield, or at least hang around nearby.

What do you think?


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