Little 2008 Volkswagen Tiguan ready

Little 2008 Volkswagen Tiguan ready

2008 volkswagen vw tiguan

Volkswagen has been teasing the public with their own spy shots of their new Tiguan small 4WD, although we didn’t bother. The actual production-ready Tiguan has now broken cover, looking, as expected, like a lifted Polo.

2008 volkswagen vw tiguan

Petrol engine choices are all torquey 2.0-litre turbo-four motors, with 150 hp, 170 hp and 200 hp, familiar to VW Golf owners. We’re not sure if it packs any off-road hardware other than all-wheel-drive. The interior is a miss. There will also be an overpriced Audi version, but Porsche chose not to get their own version.

2008 volkswagen vw tiguan

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  1. very cool automobile 😎 😎

  2. It simply looks like a Golf with a revised front facia. Ugly, plane but expensive like almost all VW vehicules. I simply can’t understand how VW wants to be the world’s largest automaker. Hyundai offers beter vehicules.

  3. I’m buying one. its great. 4×4, German, the people’s car. Its not as cheap as a Hyundai, but is better built, and will last a lot longer. It’s coming June 2008 to the UAE. I’ll see u guys in my rear view mirror.

  4. can u please let me the prices of tiguan models

  5. Author
  6. Tiguan competitors mentioned as – BMW X3 , LR 2. Maybe the base X3 model but I dont think LR 2 Dont you thing the Honda CRV, Chevy Captiva, would be Tiguan more appropriate main competitor?

  7. I have booked one Tiguan from the VW showroom in Abu Dhabi. It is the Track&field

  8. does anyone know the price of the tiguan in uae

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