So we briefly get a Ford Edge

So we briefly get a Ford Edge

ford edge

We got the new Ford Edge for a test drive, although it took us a while to get our heads around the fact that Ford let us have it for only a day. We didn’t believe it until we saw the final paperwork. Anyway, while it is no Rolls Royce, it is a comfortable crossover that seats five, rides like a Camry and can fit a big TV in the back.

Exciting stuff, right? Umm, yeah. Moving on, the Jaguar XK we were vaguely promised this weekend did not materialise. Waiting in line behind crapola magazines for a drive, we’ve lost interest at this point.

What do you think?



  1. yeah.. looks neat a car….didnt get the time to drive this little beauty….naa. cant say anythin about the car after being given for day.


  2. how much does it cost ?its a cool car indeed. 😆

  3. Author

    About the same as a Nissan Murano.

  4. Hi DA,

    When can we expect a road test review on the web site. eagerly waiting for it. i might end up takin this. but depends on ur comments.

  5. Author
    mistake? u keep saying Edge.
    yes i do knw its a rebadged version

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