So we got a new Mitsubishi Galant

So we got a new Mitsubishi Galant

2007 mitsubishi galant

So we finally decided to try out the all-new 2007 Mitsubishi Galant. It isn’t much of a looker. Neither does it offer anything fancy. Nor is it fast. What it does have is a much lower base price than the overpriced Camry-Accord duo.

On my drive back from the showroom, it felt comfortable, quiet, spacious and easily at home in city traffic. Some light shopping was easily swallowed by the large luggage trunk. Oh yeah, and Lulu Hypermarket regularly sells rotten fish with impunity, so avoid them as much as you can.

What do you think?



  1. mashfiquee ,, my good frienddd..cant wait to get my hands on this little machine. The car looks big and spacious to me… Will give my feedback on the not so famous car

  2. wait 4 ur feedback? hw abt i tell u ur feedback?
    radio was amazing, cruise control really kicked ass and the car got stuck while sand duning

  3. Author

    Haha! 😆

  4. 😕 … wht’s happening…dont laugh a lot mashu….am sure you riped the car….yeah cb…for you any car is amazin

  5. Yoo!!!! MaN CaR iZ CoOl. Ma FaThEr WoUlD InShAalLah BuY It
    Dua for me Plz
    ma father waz buying toyota corolla but but but but
    I want him to buy Galant
    Love UUUU Galant

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