Chevy Aveo apparently being recalled

Chevy Aveo apparently being recalled

2007 chevy aveo recall

General Motors Middle East is quietly recalling all 2007 Chevrolet Aveo sedans sold in the UAE due to a fault in the fuel line that could cause the car to catch fire in the case of an accident.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report: “During a severe frontal impact crash test, the fuel line in the engine compartment developed a fracture as well as four short circuits in the fuse block. The combination of both these faults allowed the fuel pump to continue running and ultimately leaked fuel to the ground thus causing fire”.

Around 1500 such cars have been directly affected by the recall in the country.

GM Middle East apparently has requested all 2007 Aveo sedan owners to come in for replacement of the faulty fuel lines free of charge. For further details owners are requested to call helpline at 04-3393636 in Dubai. The fact that we got this news from the papers makes us wonder how many Aveo owners have been informed. We believe all Middle East Aveos are affected.

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  1. How about thosew being sold in the Phiilippine? I know the units sold in philippines were made in Thailand. I bought a unit aveo sedan 1.4liters last july 2007 .

  2. My friend entrusted to me her 2007 aveo sedan. It has a very original low mileage of 18,400kms. only . It was towed by chevrolet this morning because engine wont start. battery is ok though. Looks like the fuel pump. it happened without any warning whatsoever.

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