Mitsubishi could've ruled the world

Mitsubishi could’ve ruled the world


As we are driving around in the new Mitsubishi Galant, we couldn’t help but wonder why Mitsubishi cut some corners when they could’ve easily beaten the overpriced Toyota Camry, which is one of the best-selling cars in the world.

For instance, there are no rear a/c vents except for a few floor slots to cool the feet. The optional automatic a/c uses knobs just like the manual a/c, with no additional digital display. And the front a/c vents are too tight to adjust casually. Toyota didn’t cut these corners. All this overshadows what is easily one of the strongest a/c units we’ve ever come across in the summer.

Other than a few other nitpicks, the Galant easily matches the Camry in drive, space, handling and comfort. The looks could’ve been better. We did notice though that the “170 hp” Galant is slower to 100 kph than the 158 hp Camry. Food for thought.

The good news is that the 230 hp V6-powered Galant GTS will be coming here for 2008.

Update: I just found out the Galant’s 170 hp rating is GROSS horsepower, as advertised in the press. Actual NET horsepower is really 160 hp, which is comparable to the 158 hp rating of the Camry.

What do you think?



  1. i dont like that car..sorryyy :mrgreen:

  2. well mitsubishi galant is a copied version in terms of style…..the rear end is totallly like the dodge charger…nice job……like the hyundai people do to all their vehicles……..they failed to give a bold look to the front part of the vehicle……it looks sad….they cld hav done something to the front side tooooo

  3. It simply doesn’t look good at all. All the good points you’ve mentioned above are put to waste. Did like the front end of the previous model – wht did they do with tht!!!! Japanese never evolve their car model – they just change the whole dam thing – may be good or horrible – take for example this galant. Horrible!!!

  4. hey I test drove this car myself. IN my personal perception, i would say it is a great car overall. LOOKS suck. The cost amazing. The interior quality great. THe driving for tht standard excellent. A- grade for the car.

    Worth the BUY

    — diego

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