Hamann tunes entire 3-Series range

Hamann tunes entire 3-Series range


German tuners HAMANN has modified the latest 3-Series Convertible. An aerodynamic kit, power boost, new wheels, suspension components, and a stylish interior complete the package.

HAMANN boosts the power in this Convertible by means of optized curved maps. Meaning, the electronic power boost is achieved by recalibrating the standard ECU. The four-cylinder model 320i receives HAMANN´s boost of 10 hp and 10 Nm torque. Enough to speed up the 320i to 233 kph from 228 kph. The six-cylinder engines 325i and 330i experience a plus of 13 hp and 17 hp and both about 25 Nm torque as well. Top speed climbs to 250 kph and 265 kph, from standard figures of 245 kph and 250 kph respectively. Included in price for the 330i is deactivation of 250 kph speed restriction. Likewise the 335i receives a power boost from 37 hp and an impressive 279 kph top speed. For easier “breathing” capabilities of the 6-cylinder model HAMANN offers a sport air filter.


Of course, HAMANN customizes every 3-Series to individual customer requests. For example, luxurious leather upholsteries in a variety of colors are possible, as are extensive multimedia conversions featuring DVD player, TV or Playstation. And wheels range from 18-inch to 20-inch alloys.

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  2. good power,good looks,good reliability….thats wonderful

  3. y bother buy these cars wen stupid bmw limits the top speed

  4. a demon on wheels.

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