Our latest amateur video creation

Our latest amateur video creation

stunt driving video

I am finally releasing our latest installment of gritty test drive footage, complete with piss-poor camerawork, terrible video quality, cheesy dance music and even more pathetic driving. But at least you get to see some of our fleet cars in action. This one includes footage of the Chevy Lumina SS, the Infiniti G35, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 and the Ford Focus hatchback. Click here and let the fun begin!

Note : Experienced driver on closed course. Do not attempt. Please drive safely on public roads.

In case you are offended by motorsports, speed, screeching noises, dance music, precision driving, a guy called Clarkson, amateur camerawork, car chase movies or anything remotely related to cars, you are legally obligated to not view these videos.

You actually read all that? Click here and let the fun begin, damnit!

What do you think?



  1. whooo amazing video, loved it. boy that lumina ss looks hot in red with dark tints. whats a green focus doing in there with all those great machines 😛

  2. Author

    The lemon Focus is there to bring you back to reality. 😆

  3. hahah good one fan… but it is one of those animals…dont ignore the green lemon mice lol

  4. Nice video,the music could have been better though,have you guys tried that with the Pajero,its awsome really 😎

  5. i like hot video
    good work… :mrgreen:

  6. that’s video is jast so exseting!!!!!!!!

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