Classic Auburn replicas now on sale

Classic Auburn replicas now on sale

auburn speedster

The Auburn Speedster was a powerful American sports car built from 1929 to 1937, before disappearing decades ago. They were available with a variety of unique engines, such as a supercharged inline-8 and even a V12. A new outfit called Speedster Motorcars is putting these cars on the road again.

As a tribute to the old classics, the new American company is building custom replica versions of these cars, but with more modern fitments and a better ride, using a special chassis and a General Motors V8.

auburn speedster

The quick new 5.3-litre fibreglass-bodied car has 310 hp, a four-speed auto, a weight of 1472 kg, 225/75 tyres on 15-inch wheels, a/c, CD player and a top speed of 250 kph.

The chassis, exclusive to Speedster Motorcars, blends the steering precision and handling of the world’s finest sports cars with the responsive ride rivaling today’s most expensive luxury vehicles. Every component, from the chrome windshield to the power windows, is carefully hand-fitted by a craftsman’s experienced touch. The hand laid fiberglass construction with tubular cross member frame and Vortec 5.3L V-8 engine make for an excellent ride. The luxurious interior seats are covered with hand-selected leather hides, perfectly matched for shade and grain then painstakingly sewn with meticulous attention to detail. This is truly the attitude of the world’s best coachbuilders.

There are apparently plans to sell these cars overseas too.

auburn speedster

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  1. Magnificent – magnificent. Are there dealers in our region? 😎

  2. I saw an original in rootbeer brown at the Cruisin’ Nationals 30th anniversay car show Saturday in California. The replica shown here is a sad comparison, if any. These cars are in a class all their own. Truly art on wheels!

  3. Speedster motorcars new website

  4. i want one that is totally stock and historically correct

  5. I’d like to know the price to buy this car

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