Dubai Police use car-mounted radars

Dubai Police use car-mounted radars


According to Gulf News, Dubai Police has deployed unmarked police vehicles fitted with mobile speed cameras. The number of vehicles will eventually expand to 12, and they patrol Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road. Apparently the cars will chase you down and fine you Dhs 200 on the spot.

Everyone already knows how much (or how little) radars do to reduce speeding by the rich and the illiterate (or both). Let’s just hope this does not lead to high-speed chases. We tried to get in touch with the traffic department to discuss a safety campaign, but no one knew any English in their entire telephone network.


Anyway, the funny part is Gulf News already revealed what these unmarked vehicles will be, just by printing a photo of the interior – the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. You’ve been warned.


What do you think?



  1. if u have sports car then on which road u drive it,,,
    radars make ppls angry…

  2. hahaha thanks to gulf news and drive arabia we know what vehicle to watch out for.
    hope all 12 vechicles are just one color, will make it even easier to spot :mrgreen:

  3. Interesting how such behemoth like Tahoe will chase let’s say any car which easily makes over 200 km/h 🙄

  4. haha.. this is so cool..police are getting smarter.. leads to us gettin more smarter….

  5. good point keen… must be like the way it is in saudi arabia,,,,,,,,they got 2005 onwards Luminaz,Sonataz Camryz. these car do wel in trackin speeders easily…..Tahoe must also do the job to a bit….atleast it can act as a transmiter……

  6. i hate police they r so gay they just dnt want us not 2 have fun

  7. i’m sorry about that… i live in the untied state of america.. they never give me chance if i have any party or have a fun like more BLAST TIME… one thing problem is drink while drive it’s will charge or go to jail for DUI…..that it. my america is freedom country 🙂

  8. Ahahahahaha now we know what cars to watch out for. Thanks gulf news 😀

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