2008 Chevrolet Aveo hatch goes ugly

2008 Chevrolet Aveo hatch goes ugly


The Chevy Aveo sedan was redesigned a year or so ago to sport a facelift. While not exactly beautiful, it gave the sedan a much better look, but GM left the hatchback alone, continuing in its older form. Well, the hatchback finally gets its facelift, and it ain’t pretty.

It seems GM decided to just give the car a new snout, leaving the underpinnings and most of the exterior untouched. The 12-year-old who designed this thing should be fired.

What do you think?



  1. but at least it’s better than old one 😕

  2. I dont think its ugly , it have Sharp pretty design in the front

  3. really it looks nice
    look at the grill and the rings are good for a small hatch 😉 :mrgreen:

  4. UGH! What have they done to the Aveo? I agree, it’s hideous. The redesign for the sedan was beautiful. I was waiting for the day they just chopped the trunk off the new sedan and we’d have a new hatchback to match. I really hope the sedans do not get this treatment anytime soon.

  5. it doesn’t look as bad as it’s written… A typical car for a person who would not like to spend a lot of money in fuel

  6. Dude, My sedan has a hatchback….no joke either! According to our paperwork the dealership gave us, they sold us a Sedan, but if you were to look at the body, it’s a hatchback…..Just because dealers are snakes don’t mean they are smart. Either way though, I do agree these things are hideous, before and after the face lift….unfortunately, my husband disagrees.

  7. I have a blue 2008 aveo and i love it. although i dont have the hatchback its relatively the same car. it doesnt look bad to me, the old one was hideous but the new design looks 10000% better!

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